Soul Report 10/22/15

By Steffany Overby

This week was supposed to be Erotica…but it turned out to be a different kind of excitement for our audience that they probably didn’t expect when we slammed with 12 poets. The night kicked off with our feature, Paulie Lipman, with his piece The Cypher “I will cop out to all these but never will I be merely fashion.” There was a brief open mic with Lydia who showed just why we missed her with New Sh**…followed by Mike James who serenaded us with April Showers by Dru Hill. And just like that we slammed…
Paulie Lipman gave us a chance to slow our heart rate from all of the slamming action with his feature. “I do weird professionally.” Hailing all the way from Colorado, Paulie showed us what Denver Mercury Poetry Slam is all about…and we liked it. =) One of my favorite quotables was actually from his sacrificial piece in Camouflage “But I can choose to show you all that…can choose to spill every bit of Bi-polar, queer little Jew boy man-child at your feet never forgetting that I have the privilege of camouflage… I can pass even in Texas.”
After all the scores were tallied our Slam ended with: 3rd place SpokenWord AB…2nd place Christopher Michael and 1st place went to Ashe Vernon.
As always, thank you to Ilbersalle Fallon for keeping the time and scores! And much love to our judges…it ain’t easy and we def appreciate your willingness to take on the wrath of your fellow audience when you throw up those score cards. (I can testify…I found out that I am more of a Paula Abdul and not Simon Cowell the one time I did participate as a judge for the Slam due to my generous 10s lol) We WILL be SLAMMIN’ Again this coming Thursday 10/29/15 at Mr. Catfish & More…

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