Soul Report 11/12/15

by Steffany Overby

I know with it being Fall it is officially Cuffing Season and some of ya’ll might have been at home with your cuddle buddy…so let me tell you how we spent our night with our Feature Huggy Bear. You heard right…11/12/15 was a night of warm hugs and feelings you can only get at NeoSoul Poetry Lounge. Sunni started the night off with her sultry voice in Caricature “Poetry oils my jaw and pulls my strings…directs my steps and shows me how I feel things.” Shae’s Musical Affair definitely quickened our beats and had us wishing someone would feel us that way “He calls me morning, because he says he’s never seen someone break so beautifully. Dawn, he says he likes my light.”

Angie announced the NeoSoul Poetry Lounge Logo Contest. For those of you that don’t know entries should be submitted by email to by the deadline 11/25/15 for the chance to win the $100 prize. Be sure to tell all “young stars or your nan.” =) Shelby Rae came at us with New Sh** Eating Disorder Narrative and spoke painful truth “you will cry when people rush around you not because it hurt, but because you’ve been trying to disappear, and you hate all the attention.” Ilbersalle allowed us to hear some of his thoughts/emotions of processing being “black cat called” earlier in the day on his way to work. Mr. Dave had us in our thinks with Part of Me “Maybe the only temple he’s ever stepped in are the ones on either side of your head.” BFran continues to bring light to human trafficking in Look Away “we must be the good ole slither white folks who lived in between plantations…never owned a slave but heard the whistle of the master’s whip catcalling black flesh from bone everyday…they were comfortably and purposely ignorant but they were not completely innocent.” I, Steffany, got up on the mic with New Sh** Definitions of BullSh** “7) I had a long night…I just want to sleep truthfully means there is a heifer in the closet.” After Angie proclaimed from the door that was sad and we needed happy poetry Shae came to the rescue with What If “Here I stand. With my chest plate pressed against your spine…It is the only way I could find to remind you how it feels to always have someone backing you.” Go ahead and reread that line and you will see why I yelled “REWIND!” Shelby Rae came back and cracked me up when she said “I got too many Sh**s” before spitting her New Sh** Romanticize Healthy Relationships “I wonder who taught you to be all sharpness, hurt and sacrifice.” Sunni put my knowledge of Prince to shame when she shared 2 pieces back to back…the 1st one was written using 21 of Prince’s Album Titles and the 2nd piece used 54 of Prince’s Song Titles. (We all know DJ Jamal was grinning from ear to ear behind the mixer.) And some of ya’ll are about to regret your decision to not come when you read this next line…Angie got on the mic. That’s right…no typo. Made my week when she gave us Yes, You Can “Yes you can provide inspiration to all those who are following. Yes you can dispel myths about genetic inadequacies by not dumbing down.” Yaaass!! The only way to follow up that epic moment was by bringing up our Feature, Huggy Bear, all the way from Alabama. The pieces he chose to perform ran a full gamut of feelings… Don’t Fight Back Don’t Argue Don’t Run is the piece that I carried with me when I left. Mr. Dave came up for a 2nd round with Steven “How am I supposed to tell him that it’s 5 in the morning and you’re going to be missing something for the rest of your life?” BFran did poetry on the spot after gathering the following words from our crowd: Popsicle, lick, Mr. Dave, Stairway to Heaven, Inspired, I don’t know, pogo stick, recognition, imposed and wait/weight (had to be both ways). I am not sure what the audience members had in mind when they gave their words but I am confident that they were impressed with BFran’s poetic gymnastics. He stitched together a piece that made us all want to go to a writing workshop to learn how to stretch our creativity (hint hint.) Ilbersalle made the important announcement about Ebony Stewart’s Operation: Sock Donation. If you are wanting to donate new or gently used socks for the homeless here in Austin, TX please reach out to Ilbersalle or Kelene to coordinate times/places. The sock drive is going thru December 31st! It was also announced that Neo Soul Poetry Lounge will start posting writing prompts and quotes on our Twitter account NeoSoulATX. Please contact Shae with any ideas you want to share and be on the lookout with your pen and paper ready to write that New Sh** when you see one that speaks to you. Shae closed out the night in fierceness with Beauty and The Beast “Smile pretty girl. I haven’t been called by my name in so long I forgot what sounds the letters make. But I answer to beauty like it birthed me. Smile pretty girl.” And in case you haven’t seen it yet SLAM will be happening this coming Thursday on 11/19/15. I advise you rest up and bring your A Game…it’s been a few weeks since we have Slammed and I know that poets be hungry and ready to eat (I’m not just talkin’bout catfish n fries.)


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