Soul Report 11/19/15

by Steffany Overby

The Open Mic for 11/19/15 was hosted by none other than…ME (Steffany) Yaas! *claps hands* After 9 years I finally got the chance to lead the chant “WHEN I SAY NEO YOU SAY SOUL…” and it was as exhilarating as I imagined it would be. That being said…it was a brief open mic because we had Slammin’ to do. I started the night off with my piece Name in honor of our 1st time guests Briana and Stephaine. Sunni Soper came up next and read her piece You Smell Like “But I can smell your thickness…gravy…one day you’ll come off of the stove and feed me”. Christopher Michael shut down the open mic with California King…I suggest you purchase your own copy of Persona Non Grata: poems by Christopher Michael for more of where that came from.

“Hootie Hoo!! Wait…Did I scare you?!” That’s right…Christopher Michael was the host for our SLAM. But before the poets slammed, Christopher Michael brought up Quibilah Ashayt Meretseger (who was celebratin’ her birthDAY!) to spit on the mic for the 1st time in her Untitled piece “grateful for my full lips, broad nose, brown skin, almond shaped eyes…remembering my ancestors…fighting wars to preserve themselves, family, traditions…self love because hateful people hating my people because of their features…my features.”
We had a short Intermission, but Ms. Gloria didn’t let our attention wander and captivated us with Let it Go. Christopher Michael announced that NeoSoul plans to send a representative to WOWPS this year.
Christopher Michael kept us highly entertained during our short 2nd Intermission and gave us a teaser of Pass Your Breath before our 3rd and Final Round.
Christopher Michael came back from the cliffhanger and knocked us out with Take 2 of Pass Your Breath (you see what I did there?) He brought the Poets from the 3rd and Final Round to the stage to announce the winner of the night: Teresa, BFran and Ashe Vernon…and then…without warning…Christopher Michael and BFran rained down Storm on us and it was glorious.
Our final rankings for the night without further adieu: 3rd Place to Teresa, 2nd Place to Ashe Vernon and 1st Place went to BFran. (Ilbersalle Fallon I just want to publicly say we sorely missed your presence…score/time keeping just isn’t the same without you) Thanks goes out to our judges of the night! We ‘preciate ‘cha and all the consistency in your scores throughout the rounds. =)
House Announcements: There will be no NeoSoul 11/26/15 due to Thanksgiving. We hope that you have safe travels and blessed time with your family/friends. *big hug* We will be back at Mr. Catfish and More on 12/3/15. Sneak preview: Ladies Night will be 12/10/15. And for those Type A personalities that plan that far ahead (myself included) there will be SLAM going down on 12/17/15.

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