Soul Report 12/17/15

by Steffany Overby
“How ya’ll doin’ tonight NeoSoul?!” All present and accounted for our host of the night, Shae, started us off with her New Sh** Found Piece #96 “I am exactly who I need to be for me, exactly who my family was afraid that I would be. Exactly who I never thought I could be, but still unsure of exactly who I will…did I mention I was a paradox?” Tim soothed our weary souls with an inspiring piece Stephanie & Maria “Some kids have to grow up fast, not only to take care of themselves but to be surrogate parents to their younger siblings.”

We had a Virgin to the NeoSoul Mic, DeAnte Ali Ellison, who took a break from classes at Texas State to share his heart. We definitely hope he and his friend Darius don’t make that their last time to come through. Greg, who apparently has been observing as audience from the back of the room, did what I hope every artist no matter their talent will do at NeoSoul…get on the Mic and share their gift. He shared New Sh** My oh My “steal from destiny to give to reality.” (I hope he knows now that we’re aware he actually writes BFran will be making his rounds to add him everytime he is hosting lol) Alpha and Omega shared a woeful tale in Pretty Broken Things. And before our Open Mic ended Sunni gave us the chance to be apart of her true family when she shared New Sh** I Wear My Feelings on the Outside Part II (written that night while covering the door) “She is the sh*** roommate who never has her half of the rent, wears your clothes and stains them with red wine, drinks all the milk you bought last night for your cereal this morning, has company every night and never does her dishes and she stole all my heels…except I can’t evict her.” Thank you, Sunni, for allowing us the chance to “cup (our) hands around your truth” as Glori so eloquently wrote in a poem earlier this year. After tears and hugs we were ready for our Slam…or were we?! As the last Slam of the 2015 Year the Poets gave our judges some hard choices for scoring.
Shae gave our judges the sacrifice they deserved in Musical Affair and set the pace with 25.5. Midway through we lost a judge…but we were fortunate to have Dakota’s mom to the rescue..a new face to our venue, but the way she scored let us know she wasn’t new to the poetry scene.
Whew! Wish you were there to experience the awesomeness for yourself…3rd went to Glori B. with an 82.0…2nd went to Teresa J. with a 82.5…and Danny Strack (per Christopher Michael “My Digger” as the man who tunneled between NeoSoul and APS back then that bridged us together) 83.6. (For those of you that weren’t there to hear the announcement, I’ll let you in on a secret…Glori B. has a new chapbook Please Stay published through her own publishing house Piecemeal Press…you still have time to give yourself the gift that keeps on giving.) Thank you as always to our judges for your willingness to endure the audience’s disdain to give fair and consistent scores based on your judgement. AND, I would be remiss not to give that Shout Out to Ilbersalle Fallon, in case he didn’t already know how much we appreciate his time keeping and score keeping skills. Sneak Peak of the New Year: 1/7/16 will feature the Slam Champs of Neo…1/14/16 will be our WOWPs Qualifier (as in don’t miss the chance to witness the competition to find out who will rep NeoSoul this year)…1/21/16 SLAM and 1/28/16 will feature Amir Safi (YouTube the Whataburger poem if you have no idea who this awesomeness is). *BIG HUG* We love ya’ll and thank you for the memories!

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