Soul Report 1/14/2016

by Steffany Overby


January 14, 2016 was a great night to be at NeoSoul…scratch that…it was an INCREDIBLE night to be at NeoSoul. Why you ask? Well, if you missed the pub…it was our Women of the World Poetry Slam Qualifier for NeoSoul. But before I give you the heartstopping rounds I’ll share about our brief Open Mic. Sunni Soper graced the Mic for the PSA about The Vagina Monologues: 2/7/16 & 2/8/16. (Please feel free to contact Sunni directly, or any of the following poets for more information about the event or tickets: Jennine Doc Wright, Teresa Johnson, Kelene Blake, Shanitria Harris, Jewelz Stone or myself…all proceeds go to SafePlace.)

Christopher Michael spoke to our audience and the root of the matter in Her Hair. Closing out the Open Mic was Rage Almighty. Driving all the way from Dallas, TX didn’t stop him from showing us just how the Dallas Poetry scene rocks their Mics with Moses “She holds the image of the man he used to be and daddy doesn’t like that…he sees another prophet between her blinks…so he raises his psalms and slaps the gospel out of her eyes so she’ll never see another Hymn again.” And with that Christopher Michael closed the Mic to only being female voices for our Slam competition.
Loyce, our host of the night…who taught us about the power of persistence, shared Shopping While Black as we waited for the tabulations of scores. And as Loyce announced those that would not be moving into the Final Round Hunger Game style, Christopher Michael provided the saluting *boom* to pay tribute to the poets. (It was quite the sight and sound to behold if I may say so myself…and I do. lol)
For the final round, our Judges had to hold up either #1 for Ashe or #2 for Shasparay for their vote. It was intense waiting for the announcement and I wish I had a way to give you that dramatic pause so you could feel the moment with us…I guess I could just keep rambling lol j/k (you probably already scrolled ahead) ASHE will be repping NeoSoul at Women of the World Poetry Slam!! Tova, the Vice Master Slam of APS, announced that Austin Poetry Slam be covering room and airfare for Ashe. Family is a beautiful thing ya’ll. Christopher Michael provided the update that NeoSoul has raised enough thus far to cover the registration fees and provide $200 for Ashe’s food expenses while at WOWPS. Thank you to all of those that helped make this happen! Thank you as always, to our judges. It gets hard to be consistent…but we appreciate you remaining strong in the face of pressure from the crowd. Be there on 1/21/16 for SLAMMIN’! Yaas! It shall be GLORIOUS!!
Photo credit: Katrina Simpson

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